How LetyShops meets the needs of ever-increasing business

16 November 2020

About the customer: LetyShops — is a company with an office in Hungary and developing centers in Vinnytsia and Kyiv, that has grown from a start-up to the biggest cashback service in Ukraine and post-soviet countries in 6 years. LetyShops believe that there’s a benefit in everything: in online-shopping in particular. They’ve created a cashback service for this sphere, and now they give back some of the money, spent on shopping, to their customers. The service has also become popular in Spain, Germany, Poland and Latin America. Their team is 200+ talented people, who generate ideas, analyze, test, launch and experiment by cross-functionality principle. Work in the single information field, aimed at the mutual result, where everyone can see not only the separate process, but the whole system – that’s the mechanism of the efficient work of the company.

Industry: Financial Services    

Project Start Date: the beginning of March, 2016

Project Finish Date: March 28, 2019

The Challenge: The need for a reliable solution for their workflow emerged with the increasing of the company. They needed such a service so that there would not be any problems in future, the services would work adequately, and the employees’ productivity would not decrease. Also, for building the infrastructure, it was desirable that the solution was holistic and easy to use.

The Solution: We’ve chosen Google Calendar as a tool helping in managing time wisely. Google Drive caught attention by its access granting functions and shared storages. And Gmail was chosen for its  understandable interface and customization functions. Google Cloud Platform was chosen because its unified ecosystem fully meets the needs of complex data processing and does not require third-party solutions.

The Results: The cloud storages, online document flow, meetings organization and mail accounts problems were solved. Calendar and Resources usage allowed them to synchronize a big amount of workers from various departments in various locations and to fix this process. GCP services such as BigQuery, DataFlow, Cloud Composer, Cloud build, Compute Engine have simplified and improved the company’s data processing.

The Technology: Google Workspace (ex. G Suite), GCP services: BigQuery; DataFlow; Pub / Sub; Cloud Composer; Cloud Container registry; Cloud build; Compute Engine; Kubernetes Engine; Cloud Functions; Cloud SQL; Cloud Storage; Audit logs; Report error.

Customer Quote: Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) and GCP services have enabled us not to spend our team’s resource on routine tasks and also have provided us with new abilities to work with big values of data. We’ve got tools not only for solving our current needs at the time of the connection, but also those that have appeared later. After we started working with Cloudfresh the work with these services became even easier – as we got the opportunity to be consulted and be solved our questions in a very short time. Cloudfresh partners went the extra mile in dealing with other Google products. All in all, we are totally delighted by our collaboration and can recommend Cloudfresh as a professional and reliable partner

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