How Does Raketa Deal With Navigating by Means of Google Maps Platform

03 November 2020

About the customer: Raketa – Ukrainian delivery service, with a head office located in Kyiv. They connect users of their mobile app with the endpoints they need: from fashionable restaurant of author cuisine to the local cafeteria or supermarket. The strong suits of the company are rapid delivery, high level of loyalty to their customers and customer support working via phone calls.

Industry: Food, Beverage & Restaurants

Project Start Date: the end of November 2019

Project Finish Date: the end of March 2020

The Challenge: Raketa was in search of a mapping tool that would be able to face their growing needs in location services, convenient from the IT-infrastructure expenses at the same time. 

The Solution: The implementation of the GMP became a helping hand in improving the geolocation features of the Raketa app. It became more convenient for customers to choose their location both by entering the address and by choosing a point on the map.

The Results: The number of inaccurate determination of the client’s location cases has decreased, after the implementation of the Google Maps Platform. The application consistently accurately depicts all the necessary points on the map and is convenient to use.

The Technology: Places API, Geocoding API

Customer Quote: “We always design extremely reliable products of a high quality. The use of the Google solutions contributes to the great quality and maps stable workflow and geolocation determination. For us, as a logistic service, these are the basic essentials. Cloudfresh empowers us to spend our resources aimed at map usage in the most optimal way”.

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