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Chromebooks will get Windows 10 dual-boot called Campfire


Google is working on a new feature in ChromeOS called Campfire that will allow users to install Windows 10 in dual-boot mode with Chrome OS on Chromebooks and Chromebox computers.

XDA Developers found this feature. They found a code branch called Campfire in Chromium Git, which refers to “Alt OS”. It has been confirmed to be Windows. Also, the XDA development team found evidence that this is not just an internal test but a feature that the company intends to publish.

From what we know at the moment, Campfire does have a lot to offer. The basic functionality is very easy to use and does not require users to be in development mode to use Linux. XDA developers have also stated that users will not face any potential risks, such as installing a new bootloader or manually flashing their device.

However, there are specific points. Although Google plans to make Campfire available to all users, this will require at least 40 GB of space. 10 GB is reserved for ChromeOS, and 30 GB is reserved for Windows. It means that a vast selection of the Chromebook market, especially low-end devices with 16GB to 32GB of soldered eMMC storage, won’t be able to use this feature.

This is a smart move by Google and a response to a massive antitrust fine. At the very least, Campfire can be considered a strategic PR move that proves that Google is not just a search engine. If businesses and universities can see that Chromebooks can run Windows seamlessly and ChromeOS can run their legacy software, they can make purchasing decisions easier.

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