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PivotTables in the Cloud

Innovative features in Google Sheets help businesses get more insight.

When it comes to data in spreadsheets, forming a meaningful understanding can be challenging, whether you’re a spreadsheet guru or a data analyst. But with advances in the cloud and artificial intelligence, you can instantly capture insights and empower everyone in your organization to make better decisions.

Google launched the “Explore” feature in spreadsheets to help you simply decipher data using machine intelligence. There will be even more ways to intelligently visualize and share your company data, from pivot tables and formula suggestions powered by machine intelligence to more flexible ways to analyze data. And you do not need to have particular technical or analytical knowledge.



PivotTables are easier – insights are faster!


When working in PivotTables, many companies try bringing together massive data sets and finding functional patterns. Often creating them manually is very difficult. But now, if your data is organized in a spreadsheet, Google Sheets can quickly give you a pivot table. 

In the Data Analysis panel, you can also ask questions about your data using everyday language and get the answer in the form of a pivot table. For example, enter “how much sales from the seller?” Or “how much revenue does each product category generate?”. Google Sheets will help you find the proper pivot table analysis.

And if you want to create a PivotTable from scratch, Sheets can suggest several relevant tables in the PivotTable Editor to help you summarize data faster.



Suggested Formulas – Faster Answers 


Using machine intelligence, Sheets provides complete formulas based on contextual clues from your spreadsheet data. We often use basic spreadsheet formulas like =SUM or =AVERAGE to analyze data, but sometimes it takes time to ensure all inputs are spelled correctly. You may soon notice that tooltips appear when you type “=” in a cell. Google designed this to help companies save time and get the answers they need more intuitively.

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