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Logitech Tap for Meet Medium

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Main characteristics

  • Pre-configured Chromebox device
  • Touch controller Logitech Tap
  • Logitech Strong USB Cable (10m)
  • Chromebox (PC) mounts
  • Column Rally 1pc.
  • Microphone modules 1pc.
  • Logitech Conference Camera

Logitech Rally delivers studio-quality video and unmatched clarity and supports RightSense automation technology. This greatly simplifies video conferencing with applications that are compatible with USB devices, including Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Skype® for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. With its modular audio system, sophisticated cable layout, and high-quality cabinet design, Rally equipment fits perfectly into medium and large rooms, now enhanced with the Logitech Tap Medium Room Bundle for a tailored solution.

Logitech Tap

Logitech Tap, with its sleek design, quiet operation, and a motion sensor for always-on readiness, brings Hangouts Meet ease and convenience, especially in the Logitech Tap Medium configuration.

You can attach your Chromebox and cables under the desk or behind the screen for professional installation and high reliability. Built-in cable retention and deformation protection system protects connections and prevents aggressive users from breaking the cables. The tap also includes an HDMI input for indoor projection and is attached to the desk via standard openings.

The Logitech Rally Plus Conference Camera offers ultra-high HD imaging that delivers crisp video, outstanding colors, and exceptional optical precision at resolutions up to 4K. The modular audio system delivers crisp, clear audio and unparalleled voice clarity at every meeting, allowing speakers and microphone pods to be placed where they are needed and providing full audio coverage in your large meeting space.

Rally Plus has RightSense ™ proactive technologies that make the best appointments easy and automatic. RightLight ™ prioritizes face-to-face for natural looking skin tones, while RightSound ™ enhances voice clarity by suppressing background noise, automatically aligning voices, and focusing on active speakers. Elegant in design with sophisticated finishes, sophisticated cable management, and modular sound, Rally Plus integrates perfectly into any large meeting room design, complemented by the Logitech Tap Medium Room Bundle.





Logitech Tap – Google Medium Room Bundle


Chrome OS


Hangouts For Meet Hardware Licenses

Display (Logitech Tap)

10.1” diagonal screen, 1280 x 800 resolution

Mounting on the wall

Yes (any mount)

Rally Camera

Formats supported by the Ultra HD imaging system:
4K, 1440p, 1080p, 900p, 720p, and SD at 30 frames per second.
Smooth pan, tilt, and zoom with electric drive 15x magnification in HD autofocus

Rally Microphone

Range of action: 4,5 m (diameter of a zone of capture of a sound),
4 omnidirectional microphones, form 8 acoustic beams,
AEC (Acoustic Echo Suppression),
VAD (speech activity detector),
Suppression of background noise,
Serial connection of up to 7 microphone modules.

Колонка Rally

76mm (3 ”) high performance diffuser with rare earth magnet
Suspension system (patent pending) eliminates camera shake and vibration caused by vibration
Detection says: by analyzing audio from microphone modules (up to 7 pcs.), Which form up to 56 audio beams every 8 ms.
12 pin connector for connecting the Rally microphone module,
HDMI Type-A (2 pcs.) For transit to a display hub,
USB Type-C,
USB Type-A (reserved for future expansion of functionality),
USB Type-B (for connecting to the PC meeting room),
RJ45 (reserved for future functionality expansion),
Power connector.

Rally Display Concentrator

HDMI Type-A (2 pcs., To connect to displays),
USB Type-C (to connect to Rally Camera),
USB Type-B (for connecting to the PC meeting room),
RJ45 (for connection to a desktop hub),
Mini XLR (2 pcs.),
Serves as an amplifier for one or two Rally speakers,
Power connector


Core i7 processor, RAM – 32GB RAM, Storage – 128GB SSD. Operating System is Chrome OS


Logitech Rally
Rally Camera
Rally Display Hub
Desktop Rally Hub
Rally Column (1 pc)
Rally Microphone Module (1 pc)
Remote control
USB Type-C – USB Type-C
USB Type-A – USB Type-B
Ethernet CAT6A cable
HDMI Type-A (2 pcs.)
Power Cables (2 pcs.)
Power Supplies (2 pcs.)

Available colors


Room Space

Any Room, Medium Room