Вакансии – Открытая вакансия: СТО

Открытая вакансия: СТО

Vacancy description:

Cloudfresh is an international IT company that provides the best new solutions and tools for B2B digital transformation to companies in the CIS and European markets. We are the holders of the highest partner statuses – Google Cloud Premier Partner, Zendesk Premier Partner and Asana Solutions Partner.

Today we are strengthening our team and announcing a competition for the position of “CTO”.

Who we’re looking for:



  • higher: technical, engineering or IT



  • Experience in Solution Architect, Senior Technical Consultant, team lead or CTO — from 2 years;
  • Experience in building flexible and scalable architecture;
  • Experience in building a solution architecture.



  • Solution architecture, Software development, API integration & development, IT infrastructure management
  • Availability of one or few Google Cloud Professional certifications: Google Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Data Engineer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer.



  • Technical Pre Sale/negotiations with customers (consultations on GCP products, Zendesk integrations);
  • Projects evaluation for the offer preparation (resources, timeline, cost…);
  • Building a solution architecture;
  • Solution / Product Development for customers;
  • Solution / Product Development for Cloudfresh ;
  • Maintenance and improvement of Cloudfresh IT infrastructure;
  • Obtaining technical certificates;
  • Participation in online and offline Cloudfresh events;
  • Offer, search and implement solutions for automating Cloudfresh business processes;
  • Search for resources for product development;
  • Form and lead a technical team;
  • Definition of general strategies for technical development;
  • Adoption of global technical solutions;
  • Selection of technologies to be used in a particular project;
  • Evaluation of these technologies in terms of financial and time costs;
  • Estimation of the duration and complexity of projects;
  • Planning and construction of development processes;
  • Expert proposals on architecture or specific technical solutions;
  • Writing code, code reviews, refactoring;
  • Management of technical risks on projects;
  • Communication with other departments and top managers of the company (CEO, Head of Sales, CPO, etc.);
  • Technical interviews with new employees;
  • Maintenance of technical and project documentation.



  • Ukrainian — Advanced
  • English — Advanced
  • Russian — Advanced


Good to have:

  • Experience with Apigee, Looker, Big Query та
  • Data Studio, Zendesk API.


Work conditions:

  • Income: 4000 $ -6000 $ / month + annual bonus;
  • Ability to work remotely;
  • Opportunity to build and manage the coolest team
  • Improving skills by working with technical teams Google Cloud, Asana, Zendesk.