Оставайтесь в безопасности с Google Chrome Enterprise

Google Chrome Enterprise — лицензия для управления ІТ-инфраструктурой Chrome, что помогает управлять устройствами на OS Chrome и объединяет их с пользователями браузера Chrome для максимального взаимодействия. Легко управляйте доступом пользователей к информации, приложений и расширений, зная, что ваши данные хранятся в безопасности. Chrome Enterprise повышает скорость, простоту и безопасность ОS Chrome — разблокирует дополнительные элементы управления и функциональные возможности, которые нужны организациям для управления системами девайсов.

Become the IT Hero by using Chrome OS and Chrome Devices

Chrome Enterprise обеспечивает безопасное управление девайсами с помощью облака для безопасной и продуктивной работы компании. В синергии с ОS Chrome, браузером Chrome и Chrome аксессуарами, внедрение Chrome Enterprise облегчает работу и делает ее более значимой.

Chrome OS is the designed protection

- Built-in security with multiple levels of protection;
- threat detection by artificial intelligence;
- regular updates every six week.

Chrome OS saves your funds

- Business hours performance improvement;
- minimizing risks of data loss due to lost devices and accessories;
- reduction of time and expenses related to training.

Chrome Enterprise license ensures you a higher level of control

- Exact controls including more than 220 policies and device management features;
- flexible enterprise mobility management system and identity provider settings;
- devices and accounts management via the administrator panel

Work safely with Chrome Enterprise


Control limits

Enjoy flexible and effective management of your devices using Chrome OS with more than 220 security policies. Configure permission settings for extensions, programs, proxy servers, and a lot more.

Data protection

Your company and employees data is always protected by multilayer pass-through security, and you can always keep in check through remote control of devices and audits of their use.

Support and management

Minimize the dependence of your activities continuity on local IT managers or the services instability. Chrome OS and the built-in browser for PC and laptops are automatically updated every 6 weeks to ensure your emotional calmness, while 24/7 user support will provide answers to your questions at any time.

Performance improvement

Provide your employees with the best user experience and increase their performance by synchronizing users of Chrome Devices and browsers to maximize cooperation thereof.

Почему Cloudfresh Cloud Team?

Основываясь на опыте широкомасштабного развертывания устройств Chrome, мы поможем вам построить ИТ-инфраструктуру, основанную на Chrome девайсах под управлением Chrome Enterprise.


We will provide you with special terms and conditions and discounts for Chrome OS computers and laptops purchase and will also help you find the best technology solutions matching the needs and profile of your organization.


When introducing innovative technologies, we provide both training for your staff to operate the new equipment and maximum support related to issues arising during the digital transformation process. In addition to training for users, Cloudfresh experts conduct individual trainings for Administrators of G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps Platform, and Chrome Enterprise.


We will configure Google Chrome Enterprise license management in conformity with your needs to facilitate device management in your organization to the maximum extent.

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