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Fast, compact and secure  Chrome devices have become a comprehensive business solution. Regardless of the size of your team, devices running the Chrome operating system will ensure tools for comfortable work and efficient cooperation within the team. The built-in Google Play Store and integration with G Suite on your device grants you access to your favorite applications and allows you to make the most of your business hours.

Discover Chrome devices for business


Created for shared use

Switch between your accounts safely and easily, get access to your personal files, bookmarks, and installed applications from any device.

The best format of cooperation

Interact with your team in Chrome browser via Gmail, Hangouts and Calendar, or via file from Docs, Worksheets, and Slides.

Safe and secure

Operation of Chrome Devices is easy and safe since information protection is ensured by automatic backups and synchronized settings.

Quick boot for dynamic work

Devices running OS Chrome boot in mere seconds and update automatically, therefore, they always work as efficiently as possible.

New levels of controllability

Manage your devices via Chrome Enterprise license and configure precise privacy and management policies to be sure of your data protection.

Discover the best Chrome devices

Choose Chrome device, which meets most of your needs.


  • A fast and reliable laptop running Chrome OS
  • Due to its powerful battery, portable design, and options for you to work both online and offline, Chromebook devices simplify work of the office and remote employees as well as of people who travel frequently.


  • Palm-sized mini computer running Chrome OS
  • Boot within 3 seconds, built-in virus protection and automatic update function meet the needs of picky office employees, students, bloggers, and regular users.


  • Computer-stick running Chrome OS operating system
  • Turns any common TV into a “smart” one. Perfect for web browsing, social networking, HD video viewing and, in particular, working

Hangouts Meet Hardware

  • A comprehensive solution to organize video meetings in conference rooms via Google Meet
  • Create fast, efficient and reliable video meetings in conference rooms with stunning 4K HD extension.
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