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Zendesk – build your customer communication

Dozens of things have changed this year: business running ways, customer communication ways, service provisioning ways. Business communication is being performed not only via the site, but also via such messengers, as Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger now. Zendesk has become a Facebook partner to provide the best Customer Experience (CX) possible. Their principle is: client is the core of everything in business. 

Apps of the Facebook family have become irreplaceable in customer communication. For instance, the usage of WhatsApp for Business service has increased 164% in Latin America & counts 3M users around the globe. Instagram has introduced their first business API to the world & the number of business profiles of the platform has already overgone 25M accounts. Facebook Messenger, in its turn, is being used by more than 40M companies, and it also can be added as a chat-bot to the site to supply even more seamless client communication.

Zendesk sees their aim in helping their customers to adopt new business communication standards with the help of partnership with Facebook. Client messaging via different channels and on different devices stays context, customized and engaging by means of messaging capabilities and Answer Bot. Client communication will reach the new level of convenience & integrating with adding Instagram, WhatsApp & Messenger to these features. All you need is a simple API.


Client messaging

There’s no need for any efforts in order to start client messaging anymore. Facebook family has in-built features for every app: WhatsApp buttons for starting a chat, “DM me” story stickers in Instagram and clickable ads that shift to a dialog window in Facebook. It is possible to set up FAQs and create AI-powered workflows with the help of Answer Bot to simplify cross-channel communication. For example, when a customer addresses the support, the bot with pre added FAQ answers starts proceeding his/her request enabling the automation of the support tickets proceeding and answering processes. And in case the customer needs an instant or answer or an answer on a more complex task he/she can escalate the request to the support team representative.

Why is Zendesk good then? You can set up client messaging on your own communication channels and feel free and at ease using Facebook family messengers at the same time.


Communication via messengers

In the contemporary world people increasingly use messengers for communication with friends and with close people, with colleagues and with bosses, for work and for personal matters. It’s much more convenient than a phone call or an email in their opinion.  To support this: 175M+ users already address businesses via WhatsApp, which delivers roughly 100M messages every day. 

In Zendesk you can set up dialogs from Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger along with other channels in the Admin Console. This way you’ll speed up cooperation and the task solving process. Zendesk & Facebook collaboration will guarantee your concentration on the most important features of the product to engage clients and run your work fastly. Zendesk-provided unified messaging place for agents lets them continue the customer communication with the whole context & history in one place, no matter which channel is being used. That means that starting a dialog on the site and then continuing it in any Facebook family messenger comfortable all of the information stays inside the dialogue. Say no to the inconvenience and multiple windows with Zendesk! 


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