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New ways to comment on Microsoft (and many others) files in Google Drive

Google Drive makes it easy to store and share files in the cloud so you can securely collaborate with your teams and clients when you’re not in the office. And we understand that teams work with all types of files and tools to achieve the best result. Google now provides the ability to directly annotate files, including Microsoft Office files, PDFs, and images, without converting them to Google Docs, Spreadsheets, or Google Slides.


When you’re working with an outside agency, negotiating with a client, or negotiating a trade agreement with a supplier, chances are you’re dealing with multiple file formats. In the Google Drive preview panel, comments, task assignments, or mentions of employees and people you work with can be replied to, even if they don’t use Google Workspace (ex., G Suite). Let’s say your colleague opens a file on his Windows laptop using MS Word and sees your comment in the file and can reply directly from there. With this update, you can comment on these files in Google Drive, similar to Google Docs.


You do not need to open other tools to complete tasks when commenting in the disc preview panel. Instead, you can open Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in preview, give feedback in the comments, then get back to work.


AODocs, a company that helps businesses replace outdated document management software and automate business processes integrated with Google Drive, has been testing a new annotation feature for months. Because AODocs helps companies migrate from legacy systems, they often collaborate through different licensed software.


According to AODocs CEO and founder Stefan Donz, they often use the comments feature in Google Docs and Slides when preparing specification documents, reviewing project proposals, and creating marketing materials. Now with annotations in Drive’s preview features, it’s possible to extend the same collaboration, review, and review workflows to Microsoft Office applications, images, and PDFs.


The ability to comment in disk preview is just one example of how Google Workspace (ex., G Suite) interacts with Microsoft Office products. You can also use the standalone Google Drive plugin for Outlook to make it easier to insert files stored on Drive into an email and save incoming attachments to your Drive from Outlook. For more information on enabling the admin plugin, please contact Cloudfresh, a Google Cloud and Google Workspace (ex., G Suite) reseller partner in Ukraine.


Of course, you can also convert Microsoft Office files into documents, spreadsheets or presentations. To do this, click “File” > “Download As” and select the desired file type. Finally, you can edit Microsoft files without fully converting them into Office Compatibility Mode (OCM).


Thus, with Google Workspace (ex., G Suite), you can work the way you are used to and even better. Try the solution for free for up to 30 days by writing us a request.


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