How proper management can effectively scale marketing campaigns

28 May 2021

Running an entire company is not an easy affair, especially if the offices and departments of the company are scattered around the world. Asana is constantly expanding and knows best how to manage projects and create new tasks remotely.

Asana’s marketing campaign provided a slight behind-the-scenes look at their workflow and gave some tips for managing a team remotely.

Diana Dvorkin

Diana is the general manager of product manufacturing who also creates demand. She communicates with all of the different marketing departments of Asana so it is especially important for her to be able to control all the workflow. This is what she says about Asana:

Ariel Ross

Ariel takes part in almost every creative process of the team, so the management of the visual part is well within his ability. His main credo at work is to evenly distribute the workload. 

Logan LeVa

Logan is the general manager of all events inside and outside Asana. When Covid-19 took us all by surprise, Logan had quickly adapted to the virtual way of hosting events.

Asana is not only a team management platform. It’s also a great way to make your workflow easier and not waste your time.

To learn more about how to get rid of unnecessary hindrances in your workflow and how to manage complex projects remotely, contact Cloudfresh for help and we will help you with all the principles of working in Asana.

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