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Google Cloud – Spanish Weekend in Ukraine

!Hola, Buenas tardes, Como estas?!

Together with GDG Kyiv-Center, we already taught Spanish in the summer when we first invited a Google Cloud guest expert from Mexico, Diego De Grand, to Ukraine.

In the end, autumn came, which means strengthening knowledge is necessary. Meet the new stage of our “cloud” epic – “Google Cloud – Spanish Weekend,” which will take place on September 15-16!

Yes, yes, it will be a two-day event in the fantastic industrial palace of EVO Company!

The first day is Level 101, that is, for beginners and everyone interested in Google Cloud in its various manifestations. You will see this diversity clearly thanks to three speakers – Konstantin Marsa (Kyiv), Igor Dvoretsky (Lviv), and our Spanish star – Google Developer Expert Cloud Juantomas Garcia (Madrid)

Second day – Level 202! Beginners should not worry because the topics and tasks will be severe and in-depth. But developers with experience in Google Cloud and Machine Learning have a chance to seriously upgrade their skills in the stated topics.

The event is supported by partners:

Cloudfresh – “Google Workspace (ex. G Suite), Chrome OS and Google Cloud Partner in Ukraine and EU” (Cloudfresh)
partner bank UKRSIBBANK (
To participate in the event, register on the page at (register at the top right – just click on the bird)


Next, we introduce you to our bright speakers:

Day 1

Google Cloud Lvl 101 (15.09.18)

1) Constantine Mars, Google Cloud Certified Architect – “Google Cloud Platform – Intro and platform overview.”

2) Ihor Dvoretskyi (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) – “Overview Talk on Kubernetes and microservices.”

3) Juantomas Garcia (GDE Cloud, Madrid) – “How to did Machine Learning with Google Cloud.”

4) Juantomas Garcia (GDE Cloud, Madrid) – Codelab


Day 2 (16.09.18)

Google Cloud Lvl 202

1) Juantomas Garcia (GDE Cloud, Madrid) – “AbadIA: Solving a complex game with AI and all the Google Cloud power.”

2) Juantomas Garcia CodeLab:

We can show how to do Reinforcement Learning by example, using the AbadIA code and all the Google Cloud tools we use.

¡Hasta la vista y hasta pronto!

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