Cloud Blog – Future of Work: Power Management Tips with Asana

Future of Work: Power Management Tips with Asana

How do you effectively manage the workload so that team members stay productive and move in the right direction?

Sign up for a webinar from Cloudfresh and Asana to learn the latest workflow trends.


Sharing trends:

– Norbert Durko – Account Executive, Asana. Presents work-management trends 2021 and the latest updates to the Asana platform.

– Max Nakhutin – Asana Sales Executive, Cloudfresh. He will demonstrate the updated functionality of Asana and share helpful life hacks.


Additionally, you will find:

– Q&A session with speakers;

– Free trial and technical consultations as a gift to all participants;

– Valuable prizes for the most active participants.


The event will take place online on October 13 at 16.00.



Webinar organized by:

Cloudfresh is a global IT company that provides advanced digital transformation solutions and tools that increase efficiency, reduce IT infrastructure maintenance costs, and help organizations solve complex problems in the information technology age.

Asana is a work-management platform used by 100,000+ organizations in 190+ countries worldwide. Among the clients are NASA, Google, SoftServe, Danone, Spotify, New York Times, and other companies.

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