Cloud Blog – Asana research «Anatomy of work»: Overcoming disruption in a distributed world

Asana research «Anatomy of work»: Overcoming disruption in a distributed world

Burnout is on the rise, and workers spend almost two-thirds of their time on work about work. What will it take for organizations, teams, and individuals to thrive in the year ahead? In this report, we surveyed over 13,000 global workers to find out.

Burnout is on the rise.
71% of workers experienced burnout in 2020. The number of employees working late rose to 87%.

Distributed work is delaying deadlines.
Work about work causes employees to miss over one-quarter of their deadlines each week.

Tool overload is hurting team alignment.
Amid the race to stay connected across tools, workers switch between 10 apps 25 times per day—fragmenting communication and reducing efficiency

What happens when work about work is compounded by distributed work?

1. More meetings
Unnecessary meetings are up 1 hour each week

2. Duplicating work
Each week, teams are spending 30% more time on duplicate work

3. Rising workloads
Increasing to-do lists are the #1 barrier to productivity

4. Employees feel unheard
Just 15% feel heard by their organization.

Clarity increases focus and resilience.

7 in 10 workers feel they’d be better equipped to hit targets with clear processes on managing work. Tools that provide team alignment are more critical to business success than ever.

Teams need tools that will scale and stick.

To shift from surviving to thriving in the new year, leading organizations like Doc Martens, Slack, Stride, and Viessmann are discovering ways to improve organizational alignment, team communication, and employee engagement with work management tools designed for the distributed workplace.


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