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Asana – December releases

December has already come into its own – the end of the year is just around the corner. In this final month of 2020 Asana doesn’t stay still: the company has released new features that have made the product even better from the perspective of customer experience and integrations with other solutions. Let’s have a look at them 🤓

Integration with Jira Server

Asana + Jira Server integration easifies the creation of common workflows between business and technical departments. Increase the real-time visibility of the product.

Integration with Zoom

Asana + Zoom integration enables creating a Zoom meeting directly from an Asana task, and pulls meeting transcripts and records into the Asana after the meeting finishes.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Asana + Microsoft Teams integration enables converting team’s meetings and conversations into the Asana tasks – keep working on Asana tasks without leaving Teams.

Bulk actions on Boards

Highlight several tasks on the Board view at the same time and fulfill the actions on all of the chosen tasks at the same time directly from the task card or via the bulk actions panel.

Project customization menu

Use the new customization menu to access to all of the Add-ons of the project (e.g. Custom fields, Rules and Apps).

On Hold option for Project and Portfolio status updates

Add the On Hold status to the existing On track, At risk and Off track for your Project or Portfolio.

Push notifications control center

Use the new Push notifications control center on iOS and Android to choose what notifications you want to get.

Tab+V shortcut

Cheer yourself up by Tab+V shortcut. What will happen? Try it yourself – a delightful surprise is waiting for you! (In order to enable this shortcut you need to go to the Hacks tab of your Profile Settings to enable or disable any Hack. Click the Reload to Apply Changes button to save your changes).

That’s all for today, and to get more information on Asana and other products of our portfolio stay with us. See you in the cloud! ⛅️

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