Cloud Blog – About the fresh Asana update — transparency of work as a driver of progress

About the fresh Asana update — transparency of work as a driver of progress

On June 1st, Asana showed off its new features to the world, these features allow you to easily observe every part of the work process

If your manager asked you about the progress of the project, you probably wouldn’t answer right away, and you would start checking emails, opening spreadsheets and so on. This uncertainty slows down progress and diminishes productivity.  

Transparency of work is the main feature that every company should aspire to. That’s why Asana has added a Universal Reporting feature to its update that will help you to manage your workflow online. 


Monitoring of any work processes

The Universal Reporting function is constantly updating, and it displays up-to-date information related to projects. Now there is no need to go to your email and check requests for access, updates and new comments. All this, also with the team progress, will be displayed on one panel. 


Operative problem-solving

One more new feature is a chart that will inform you about all of your workflows. With the help of such reporting, you can quickly understand where progress has stalled and how to fix a certain problem.

You can leave comments, give advice or make edits directly when reviewing charts. 


Check the information in one place

Now in order to create a report, a new task, or just collect some information in one place, you can create special templates. Dashboards can collect all the necessary information, graphics and other reports. At the same time, it is unimportant in which group or department information was located before. Such panels provide a complete reporting function at any time you need.


Everything is clear!

With the help of the new Asana functionality, you can not only manage the workflow but also see all the details that have been missed before. There is no need to hold daily meetings just to ask everyone “How are we doing?” because you can just open the charts. 

The new functionality is already available in Asana Business, Premium and Enterprise. Contact Cloudfresh managers for connection issues and we will help you with the installation and provide detailed information on how to use these new features.


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