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About security in Google Workspace

We all know that Google Workspace is a suite of tools created to simplify our workflow. We can use it for quick solutions to tasks and to respond to requests from our colleagues. But did you know that originally, Google Cloud created Workspace tools to protect data? 

Google Cloud’s primary responsibility is to keep its customers’ data secure, while meeting the strict requirements of European organizations. This responsibility for their work and products is what has created a high demand for Workspace across Europe and beyond. 

Another goal Google had in mind when creating Workspace was to provide everyone with affordable tools to optimize their work profitably. Simply put, the company’s goal was to make the ability to work productively and cost-effectively available to everyone. At the same time, it was important to make the product not only affordable, but also transparent. In summary, Google wants to prove that they are committed to security, privacy and compliance.

Feedback as a way of improving your services

To continually improve the security Google Workspace provides its customers, the company communicates closely with each of them and carefully considers any feedback. To build trust, the company talks particularly closely with politicians, regulators and other stakeholders. With feedback and queries from customers, the company knows more precisely what to focus on and which aspect of the service needs to be improved. Also, such feedback helps Google improve not only the company’s services, but also the documentation that helps customers set up services on their own. 

To obtain this kind of feedback, they have  created a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). DPIA is a kind of survey that is conducted when both large companies and individuals purchase cloud technology. For example, the most recently completed DPIA surveys were published by the Netherlands Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice. As a result, the company has already been able to improve its services for the Dutch government and continues to work on the DPIA. 

Now, it’s worth clarifying three key points that Google Cloud Platform adheres to and broadcasts through its products: 


  1. Google never uses customer data for targeting advertising. As you may have already noticed, Google does not show any advertising in Workspace for Education Core Services. Nor does the company use customer data to improve Google Ads.
  2. Customers are in control of their own data. Google has the right to process and review customer data only according to clear instructions that are specified and provided on the official website. 
  3. Transparency of data use. Another advantage of the company that can compete with others is providing a clear understanding of where and what customer data is needed for. While complying with GDPR regulations, the company has expanded its public documentation by publishing a Google Cloud Privacy Notice. The notice explains how and what user data is collected and for what purpose. Even though the level of customer trust is already quite high, the company still has a lot to strive for. That’s why Google is committed to providing more and more data information in the Google Cloud Privacy Notice.  


While customers around the world continue to use Google Cloud, the platform continues to improve and update the Google Workspace Data Protection Implementation Guide. For now, you can find out more details in the Google Workspace for Education Data Protection Implementation Guide, which details the data collection process. Still, the main goal of the DPIA is to create full workspace transparency for customers. The company continues to improve its services and make the workplace more secure based on the data it receives from the Dutch government. 

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