Cloud Blog – 5 trends in embedded analytics use

5 trends in embedded analytics use

As communication, work and other interactions inside and outside companies move to digital platforms, embedded analytics will become a more crucial aspect of r building business strategies. With the understanding that such analytics will only become more popular in the near future, we have identified 5 main trends that you should pay attention to when building a strategy while working with data.


Moving companies from business analytics to working with data

In 2020 there was a significant increase of companies that have moved from classic analytics models to detailed study and work with data. Since this pattern allows managers to get closer to attaining their goals and make decisions faster, we expect this trend to remain relevant in 2021. 

A great example of working with data could be companies that use a bot to process requests. These bots enable companies to interact directly with data and make more accurate strategic decisions.


The rise of data transmission application developers 

Based on the previous trend, we expect an increase in the number of data transmission markets in 2021. They will work primarily with networked central repositories. On the market you can find developers of applications for data transmission more often now, the end result of which is a catalog of ready-made solutions.


AI and ML as part of embedded analytics

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have long been a small but important part of analytics progress. In 2021, AI and ML will become a fully-fledged component in building embedded analytics.

Almost every component of artificial intelligence and machine learning is available for connection now, so companies can easily analyze which segments are better to spend resources on. 


The no-code/low-code citizen developer

Until now it was a popular trend to create simple applications by dragging and dropping elements onto the interface. Such a function could not allow the creation of any complex applications or programs, but it was available to developers who did not work with code.

Thanks to the embedded analytics, the customer service team can help their clients set up internal analytics, or do it themselves. It will not only increase responsiveness, it also improves customer relations. 


Companionable analytics

If you collect all the above trends, you get analytics that are becoming more and more popular among strategy developers. This results in an improved API from several analytics providers at once, which will be integrated into the database. The ultimate goal is embedded analytics to better promote and understand your business.

Embedded analytics is still an open issue in many companies, so ask the Cloudfresh team for help. We are a unique center of expertise for Google Cloud, Zendesk, and Asana. For these products we can provide you with the following  services: 

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